Vineyard Row Cover Crop

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As part of our LIVE sustainable certification, we limit the number of raw materials (inputs such as pesticides, fertilizer, water, chemicals, fuel, etc.) used in vineyard and winery production. We strive to develop proactive and preventative, sustainable agricultural practices. These include the use of integrated pest management, beneficial cover crops, and manual weed control.

Instead of having cleared ground between our rows we keep a row cover to prevent wind erosion as well as habitat for beneficial insects and in the hopes that cutworm stay in the weeds instead of crawling up the plants to eat grape buds in the spring!  We use drip irrigation on the vines so there is no water for the row middles. We mow early in the season and then let them go to seed, so we have new growth for the next year. By the middle of July, they have used up the moisture from the winter and start to die off. This way they can still give us erosion control without needing more labor.