It’s National Wine and Cheese Day!

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Happy National Wine Day! These two tasty treats pair well together. states that “One reason certain wines and cheeses began being paired together is they were from the same locations. Going back generations, some cheeses and wines that have been paired have come from the same village, or even from the same farm.”

Get out your cheese board and uncork that new bottle of wine and try out some of these tips for pairing cheese and wine together in harmony!

1. Bold red wines pair well with aged cheeses.  

2. Firm Nutty Cheeses pair well with most wines.

3. The Smelly or blue cheeses pair well with sweeter wines to offset their “funk.”

4. Creamy soft cheese pair well with sparkling wines with high acidity.

5. Experiment with what you enjoy – we can tell you what we think works, but your taste buds know best!

Wine Folly even has a poster to give you a reference guide you can hang in your kitchen.